Gillott: Transforming spaces to meaningful and functional family areas

Mar 10, 2021 | blogs

Change is the only constant change in this world, so the best thing is to learn to adapt to these changes. There are many inevitable changes families have to face. This includes the children growing up and needing their own rooms or an additional member of the family, thus the need for an extra bathroom.


All of these changes are exciting, but a major concern for many households is how to add these functional and meaningful spaces to their homes without having to spend too much. Is it even possible?

Gillott Transforming spaces to meaningful and functional family areas


For this reason, we have decided to feature some spaces we have transformed through the years to serve as an inspiration. Because sometimes, all you need is that “push” to make your plans a reality.


Look and see how we transformed lives and made families happier with these additional extensions and renovations.


Kitchen Transformations

Some people think that they can do very little with small kitchens; but here at Gillott Constructions, we find solutions to your problems. Just look at this kitchen! Who would have thought it can be transformed into a sleek and more spacious looking area like this?

Kitchen Transformations - functional family areas


Here at Gillott Constructions, we sit with you and draft designs to fit your requirements; so together we can put your plans into reality.


Driveway Inspiration

The driveway may be one of the last things you will think of when transforming parts of your house, but it shouldn’t. Look at how this simple change has drastically changed the ambience of this home.

Driveway Inspiration - functional family areas


The driveway looks best when there is a sense of unity between the style of the house and it’s surrounding landscape. It is not something you just simply work on. You need to see what material works best and the style that will most fit the aesthetic of your property. All of which affects the cost, maintenance and durability of your driveway.


Do you need help transforming your driveway? Let’s talk.


House Renovations

We handle small and big projects, this includes house renovations. So before you decide to demolish your old country home, talk to us so we may see if you can benefit more by simply renovating it.

House Renovations - functional family areas


We’ve changed a few aspects of the house, such as the colour; but practically stands on the same structure.


House Extension

As we have earlier said, sometimes your house is just not enough for new members of the family or additional activities; so the need for additional rooms. Look how the team added an extension to this house to fulfil their needs.

House Extension - functional family areas



Do you need a builder to create your new space by renovating or extending? The possibilities are endless. We can work that out for you. Let us turn your plans into realities. Talk to us.