Gillott Constructions are passionate about building environments that help you to truly feel at home. We thrive off creating beautiful appeal and bringing comfort into your home. Renovating your home can be exciting but also over whelming. These involve designing your dream space within the existing foot print of the house with also may include extending  or expanding. You want to make sure you have an experience Local Builder, to ensure the project runs smoothly from the beginning to the end.

We would be delighted to work with you, no matter the scale, from new bathroom to a full Renovation.

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Our Building Renovation Services for Warwick


Building renovation is a process of recreating an existing structure to give it a new appearance and ambience. It can also help fix any current damages on your home and add more features that can spice things up.


Our building renovations Warwick team can help assess your home to see how small or big the project will be. We make sure to hear your ideas, dreams, and needs. This way we can carefully design the new house layout that will perfectly fit your family.


To further help you with your building renovation needs, read on below the various renovation services that we deliver.


Full Home Renovation


There are various reasons why you may need a full home renovation. This can include the following:


  • To accommodate an additional family member (e.g Baby and Aging parents)
  • To improve the house quality
  • To raise the house’s value
  • To make it more convenient to live in
  • To achieve a new look


For instance, you have one child before, but now you have 2 or more additional kids in your family. Then most likely, your current home doesn’t fit you anymore. For this reason, a full home renovation will be able to help recreate it and adjust to your present necessities.


Allow our full home renovation services to help you with this. Here at Gillott, we make sure to listen and assess carefully our clients’ renovation needs. This way, we can ensure to provide you with the design that will fit your space and your family.


To know more about how we can help you with your full home renovation, you may call us or send us an email today. To further help you, below are some of the other areas that we can help you renovate.


Bathroom Renovations

Does your bathroom look a little creepy now than before? Or perhaps you may want to upgrade it and add a walk-in closet to make dressing more convenient?

Let us handle this for you. Our bathroom renovation service can fix almost all your bathroom problems. We can help you retouch the wall paints, replace the floor tiles, and even install a new bathtub. Should you want a new shower head or a new vanity mirror, we can do it for you.


Kitchen Renovations

Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is considered to be the most important part of a home. it’s the area where delicious meals that keep the family and the house warm are cooked. Therefore, we believe that making sure that it’s cleaned and properly equipped is essential.

Our kitchen renovation service can help you with the following:

  • Repainting walls
  • Replacing kitchen countertops
  • Additional cabinets
  • Repairing kitchen floor
  • Redesigning kitchen space


Through our kitchen renovation services, your kitchen can become a combination of functionality and elegance. Therefore, cooking your favourite dishes is easier and enticing. Call today and let us help you make cooking in your kitchen more comfortable and enjoyable than before.



We understand that kids will grow and eventually they will need a space of their own. Therefore, adding new rooms is the best solution you can do. It can save you more money rather than moving to a bigger new house. 

Here are some of the reasons why house extension is the best choice:

  • It can help your home adapt to your lifestyle
  • It can help you avoid the cost of moving
  • It can help utilise and maximise your space
  • It can save your time and effort of finding a new place
  • It can avoid you from the packing and unpacking scenario


Provided these, extensions can make your home suitable for you and your family. Let our extensions services help you with this. Do you want to make your living room bigger? Or do you want to turn your space to an open plan layout? We can build it for you.

Call us at 0413 330 559, otherwise, send us an email.

We’d love to help you!

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