3 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation in Warwick

May 10, 2021 | blogs

At some point, you will need to get your bathroom renovated. This may be due to it needing frequent repairs, your family is growing, or your bathroom is simply outdated. But, whatever your reason is for renovating your bathroom in Warwick, it important to consider the following factors:

3 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation in Warwick


Add small and textured tiles

A slippery bathroom floor is often the cause of accidents. Even with constant cleaning, there are times when the floor of your bathroom can pose a risk of slipping. Maintaining a non-slippery bathroom floor is important, especially when you have kids and the elderly at home.

This problem with a slippery bathroom floor has a lot to do with the tiles. Some floor tiles are not textured and will most likely get slippery when stained with soap suds. Sometimes, even when the tiles are textured, it cannot prevent the floor from getting slippery.

Textured Tiles - Bathroom Renovation in Warwick

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In this case, try to use small textured tiles for your bathroom flooring. The small tiles will require more grouting and with more grout comes a less slippery floor. The spaces between the small tiles will act as an anti-skid solution.


Maximize the use of natural lights

Adding a skylight or a small window in your bathroom is advantageous in more ways than one. First, the glass window permits natural light during the day. It can help you save electricity in the long run. For places with plenty of sunlight such as Warwick, using natural light to our advantage is a wise decision.

Natural Lights - Bathroom Renovation in Warwick

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The other benefit would be to get rid of the humidity. Running a dehumidifier inside the bathroom is costly. However, the accumulated humidity in the bathroom can cause several problems such as:

  • Bad odour
  • Mould and Mildew on Walls
  • Peeling of paint

A skylight or glass window will do wonders as a low-cost dehumidifier. You can easily open them to get rid of the steam from the shower and allow fresh air to enter, replacing the muggy ones.



A little renovation in a single part of your house can give you a lot of benefits. It will be more functional after the renovation, it will fit your family’s needs, and the necessary repairs will be fixed. Aside from providing solutions to the problem that triggered the renovation, it’s also a good investment, especially if you are planning to sell it in the future.

Are you thinking that now is the right time of the year to renovate your bathroom in Warwick? Let’s talk.