5 Great Ensuite Renovation Ideas You Must Try

Jul 2, 2021 | blogs

Tired of boring ensuite? Or does your ensuite bathroom look too cramped for you? You might one to consider these renovation tips.


5 Great Ensuite Renovation Ideas You Must Try


Your ensuite bathroom is among the most personal spaces inside your home. That being said, it should be comfortable, cosy, and pleasing to the eyes. Everyone would definitely want to freshen up on a neat and aesthetic ensuite bathroom every morning. Thus, we listed five of the must-try renovation ideas that can level up your ensuite.


#1 Consider Wall-Mounted Vanity

Ever wonder why wall-mounted vanities are getting popular nowadays? The answer is simple, space-saving. More and more homeowners are prioritizing space over intricate designs. Therefore, interior designers and local builders in Queensland are extending efforts to make spacious ensuite bathrooms.

The concept of a wall-mounted vanity is among the best applications of maximising space. Since vanities often consume a large space in an ensuite bathroom, having them attached to the wall would save floor space. Space underneath can be used for the trash bin and racks for toiletries.


#2 Hanging tap and basin

Following the idea of a wall-mounted vanity, you can also have your tap and basin wall-mounted. This will greatly lessen the space compared to a regular countertop basin. Wall-mounted basins available in home depots today are designed to be smaller in size and minimalistic to further help save space.


#3 Shift to an in-wall cistern

Complete your space-saving renovation with an in-wall cistern. This toilet by the wall is a popular trend in bathroom renovations nowadays. Firstly, it gives off a very minimalistic and contemporary design to an ensuite bathroom. Additionally, it minimizes clutter and provides room for additional storage.


#4 Consider glass shower doors

Your choice of shower walls and door can also affect the functionality and aesthetic quality of your ensuite. If you have opaque walls or shower curtains to exclude your shower from the rest of the ensuite, you’re unintentionally making the room look cramped.

Glass walls and doors for the shower area will not only create an illusion of a wider ensuite but will also effectively prevent water splashes. Moreover, glass walls and doors are easier to clean and maintain.


#5 Choose your tiles wisely

Did you know that tiles can make a room look wider? Large tiles are used to make the room appear more spacious. They are also great due to having few groutings, making maintenance and cleaning easier. On the other hand, small tiles, especially when arranged to create a mosaic-like appearance, are aesthetic. Small tiles aren’t just decorative, they are also good for anti-slip as the increased grouting creates more friction.


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