5 Decluttering Tips Before a Major Renovation

Aug 2, 2021 | blogs

Are you having some doubts if you should push through with your home renovation? Is this because you are worried about the arduous task of preparing your home for a renovation? In this blog, we will share with you some decluttering tips to help you prepare before your major renovation begins.


5 Decluttering Tips Before a Major Renovation


Be organized with packing things up

Whether you are going for a room repainting or total room renovation, packing the things is a task that will surely be on your checklist. One of the most frustrating things during a home renovation is the difficulty in looking for your things.

The best solution for this is to be organized when packing your things. Try to sort the things into categories and place them in separate boxes. You can also use transparent storage boxes to easily locate your things from the outside. It will also help to label each box with what’s inside. This will help finding them easier.


Use movable storages

The thing about storage boxes is that they can be difficult to move when filled up. Carrying them can also be very tiring, especially if you need to push them off the floor. What’s even more frustrating is you might even damage the items inside.

There are storage boxes in the market nowadays that have built-in wheels. Some even have foldable wheels you can tuck in and out so they wouldn’t move when stored in a room. How about using these?


Throw away what’s not necessary

The essence of decluttering is to throw away the things that are considered junks. Since you are also renovating, why not consider this the perfect decluttering solution, too. Get rid of things  you don’t need. In this manner, you will not be needing too many storage boxes.


Use decluttering as a family bonding

Why bore yourself when you can assign each family member to help you. Make it fun and productive by involving every family member. Not only are you making the task simpler and faster, you are also teaching them to be responsible for their own things.


Hire a storage space if needed

When the storage space in your house is scarce, rental storage space can solve your problem. There are facilities within Queensland that you can rent to temporarily store your things while the renovation is ongoing. These facilities are capable of ensuring that your things will not be damaged.

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