6 Tips When Buying A House to Renovate in Warwick

Jun 5, 2020 | blogs

Are you looking to buy a new house then renovate it in the future?

With the latest government home builder scheme, you can get assistance with your new renovation.

See an article from 9 News.

That’s a good choice especially if you are getting an already established house in an established community and it is often cheaper renovating than buying exactly what you want new.

Even if you take up the new home builder scheme, you need to plan things carefully. Otherwise, aside from saving you may find yourself spending more than building a customised house in Warwick.  Here are some tips on how you should begin your journey:

6 Tips When Buying A House to Renovate in Warwick

Look at the Structural Work

Check for cracked and moving walls, shaky foundations, and uneven floorings. If you see these things at your prospect house, avoid it and look for another.
Always ask a professional builder to have a look at it so they can evaluate the structural value of the property in Warwick.

Have a Clear Vision

If you’re really planning to buy a house to renovate in Warwick, you must have a vision. You should be able to see its beauty after the renovation is complete. This means looking beyond the current image of the house you are buying and considering the following:


See if you can transform the house from a 2-bedroom into a 3-bedroom type house or if you can add an extended office to it? Be creative. Add something that will make it stand-out. So even if you are not going to sell it, you can enjoy living conveniently in it.


Sometimes, you will find an ugly house with a spectacular view of the countryside. Let your imagination fly and see how it looks if you will make some adjustments with its colour and completed several repairs. If you feel that it will be spectacular, then why not give it a shot. 
Okay, but the house I spotted does not have any spectacular view but it is strategically located near the hospital, school, the town centre, and restaurants. Should I consider buying it and renovate soon after?
The good location of this property in Warwick plus the add-ons and repaint you will do to this house will definitely increase its value. 

The Budget

Buying a house to renovate in Warwick involves many things. To make sure that you won’t overspend, especially if this is your first time and you are not doing the renovation by yourself, talking to an expert builder can help you big time. An expert builder can help layout the estimated cost of every possible material to be used in the renovation. This not only saves you money but also a lot of time and effort. 

Analyse the contract and plan

Look at the contract and the plan proposed by the house renovator.  Check the things that you are willing to change and those that you don’t want to touch just yet. When in doubt, ask for another consultation with them so you can clarify these matters. 


Buying a house to renovate in Warwick is very challenging. It will take time and courage to finish it, but the completed project is definitely rewarding. Let us help make this vision a reality. Let’s work together and make something beautiful out of an old house.