Warwick Bathroom Renovation Tips

Jun 5, 2020 | blogs

Do you want to give a new look to your bathroom?

Are you planning to have it modernised? 

Or are you simply getting bored with its old look?

Renovating your bathroom is just like renovating any other rooms in your house. Thus, the need to think things through before starting with the “actual” renovation process.


Warwick Bathroom Renovation Tips
What are the things you need to consider when renovating your bathroom in Warwick

Take note of the following things you to ensure a smooth bathroom renovation:

Polish your ideas

If this is your first time to renovate your bathroom and you don’t know what style you want to apply, take a moment to research the different bathroom style and trends. This will give you some inspiration with your new bathroom look.
List down these ideas and add them to your own ideas.

Draft a plan

Now that you have listed down the things that you want to do, it is time to draft a plan. Identify the furniture you need to replace, buy and remove. Take all the necessary measurements including the ceiling to floor height, and the bathroom’s width. If this feels overwhelming, we can help in the process.
All of these are important requirements that your builder will ask as part of their initial quote.

Have a realistic budget

If you are not aware, bathrooms are the most expensive room in the house to renovate. Yes, especially if we’re talking about the amount per square meter. Thus, it is important to say upfront your budget range with the builder.

Work with a professional

Working with a professional bathroom renovator in Warwick can make your renovation easier, especially if you are doing this the first time.
These builders will have extensive knowledge of the renovation process, including bathroom standards, laws and prohibitions. They know which will work and which will not. They can even give a twist with your prospective layout and help maximise your budget.

Other Factors To Consider

There are key ingredients you need to consider in renovating and designing a bathroom. This includes the following:

Good Lighting

This is considered the most important ingredient in making your bathroom appear alive, gorgeous and functional. This also adds character and drama to the bathroom.


A spacious bathroom is more comfortable. Thus, ensure that you’ll have enough space with your bathroom redesign.

Match Items

Choose the right items that will match your new bathroom walls and floor. This includes your choice of the sink, bathtub, and even the tapware.
When you are considering these key ingredients, put in mind the vibe that you want to achieve. Do you want it to feel cozy or you want it to burst out with elegance? It’s your choice.

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