Things to Consider Before Making Kitchen Renovations

Nov 4, 2020 | blogs

With so many nice-looking kitchen renovation blogs and videos available online, it is very likely to get hooked on doing your own kitchen renovations. After all, if you are someone who loves to cook or if your family’s bonding place is the kitchen, you’ll really want it to look fresh and upgraded from time to time.

Things to Consider Before Making Kitchen Renovations

To help you out with planning the kitchen renovation, we listed some things for your consideration. Let’s begin.  


#1 Start with a plan

As the famous writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Wanting to upgrade your kitchen requires a plan, a detailed one to be precise.

The best way to start your plan is to know why you wanted a kitchen renovation in the first place. Maybe you just wanted a fresh new look for your kitchen since you found a good design on home & living magazine or online. It can also be due to a problem that really needs fixing such as poor lighting, too cramped spaces or changing the layout. With this in mind, it will be easier for you to decide how the renovation would work. 

If your reason for renovation is to just change the ambience of your kitchen, then you may want to ask yourself if your current kitchen layout will work with the design you wanted to adopt. Changing the layout of your kitchen would take more time and money and is not really worth it unless there is a real need to do so. 

Another thing you should assess is your interest in the design you have picked. Changing your kitchen’s design to keep it trendy is not really convenient. Unlike your wardrobe, changing the style of your kitchen is neither easy to do nor economical. If the kitchen renovation is necessary, it is better to pick a style which is both timeless and functional. 

Sorting out your reasons and expectations into a plan would mean a lot in terms of budgeting and allotting time for the renovation works. 


#2 Prepare your budget

“A small leak will sink a great ship.”

These words from Benjamin Franklin make so much sense on why preparing your budget is vital in any renovation plan, however small it is. To make sure that you will accomplish your desired results, a sufficient budget must be prepared ahead. As small details not elaborated in the budget may cause unplanned spendings. 

You may get some ideas with regard to the budget you have to allot by reading guides and recommendations or through researching the possible expenses online. However, to get more informative and accurate details to include in your budget, try consulting a professional. 

In planning the budget for your kitchen renovations, you should consider discussing your plan with a builder. Not only do builders know the price of materials, but they are also aware of what part of your plan would work out and what will not. Reliable builders can also offer you alternatives which will not compromise the things you want to incorporate in your kitchen renovation plan. 

Here at Gillott Constructions, we do our best to provide the kind of service to our clients. With twenty years of experience in home building and renovation works, we can help you out with materialising your plans for your beloved kitchen with honest pricing from materials to service charges.


Finalise your renovation plan

So you gathered all the needed information and how much money you should allot to fund the renovation? Then it’s time to finalize your renovation plan! 

Considering what you can afford and what is possible in your present kitchen set up, try to work out the details you listed on your initial plan. This time, you will be able to tell what is sensible and you can do the needed improvement from the previous plan. 

Finalising your renovation plan before showing it to your trusted contractor would let them have a clearer picture of what you wanted to see as an outcome. In a sense, it would lessen the negotiations as well, making it time-efficient. 



As you can see, there’s a lot to consider before starting your kitchen renovation. Without a structured plan, you might end up realizing some other renovation concerns just after the work was done. You can also save yourself from unwanted expenses when you set the budget before starting the renovation work. 

Now that you are able to make your own renovation plan, reliable service from an experienced builder might just be what you’ll need next. In that case, we at Gillott Constructions are always ready to provide you with the renovation services you need. Should you want to share your plan with us, you are always welcome to reach us here.