5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Builder

Feb 4, 2021 | blogs

The builder you choose can make your dream home a reality. That is, if and only if, you carefully select the right builder for the job.

How do you make this happen?

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Builder


Here, we listed some of the things you may want to consider before hiring a builder for your home.


“Nothing beats experience.” So if you want to evaluate the capability of a builder, look at their experience and years in the industry as a seasoned tradesman.

Should you choose a local builder?

Yes! It is highly recommended to choose someone near you. Experienced local builders know what works and don’t work in their location. They can give you useful insights and alternatives in case your initial plan won’t do.


Good feedback and reviews

Hiring a builder referred by a friend can also make establishing rapport easier. So do ask around, especially from your relatives and friends as they would refer only the best.

Where else can you check on these?

You can also check the clients’ feedback online. Satisfied clients take their time leaving positive words about their experiences on the company’s pages. On the other hand, negative feedback on a company, if there’s any, can also be found online. Thus, you can filter from there which builder you would like to work with.




A common mistake among the first homeowners is that they think with high price comes quality.

Well sometimes it does, other times it doesn’t.

Running out of funds in the middle of a project can compromise your dream house. To come up with the best deal, you can ask your prospect builders for quotes. They should be able to give you detailed expenses and how much you’ll be spending. This way you can choose among the quotes which will suit your budget.



Building a house will require constant communication with your builder. Therefore, choosing a builder whom you can communicate openly your ideas and insights is a must.

Former celebrity couple, Jimmy (One of Geelong Football Club’s players) and Nadia Bartel revealed in the news that the key to their stunning home in Geelong is open communication with their builder. The result is a well-structured house that balances both their preferences into one.

Therefore, consider choosing a builder with whom you can be transparent. If you sense that communication will be difficult in the process, don’t settle and compromise. A good builder will not make you feel uncomfortable disclosing how you want your dream house to be.



FACT: The longer the building process, the more expensive the project becomes.

How long you want the project to be done is really up to your decision. But it is important for you to inform your chosen builder in advance on how long you want the project to be finished, especially if there is a need for you to immediately move in.

In this manner, they can tell if this is feasible or not.



Take the time to review all of these factors before finally choosing whom to deal with. Get to know more about Gillott Constructions, especially if you are planning to build a home in Warwick. Send us a message today.